Click away and see how this 
whole thing began...

The greenhouse was previously owned by Janine's Uncle, Floyd Herzing. 
Floyd and his wife Eppie operated, Herzing's Greenhouse,
 for many many years.  
It was a very successful business just down the road from us
 on Bucktail Trail.
 They have retired from the greenhouse business, so we purchased their hoop house in the spring of 2007 in hopes of starting our own little endeavor...but there is much work to be done! 
 This big thing has to come down and move up the street to our home. 
 Not an easy task to say the least!  
 What!  Tear down this whole thing! Yikes!

Umm!  The biggest puzzle we've ever put together!
 Just how do all these pieces fit together? 
 We had a challenge ahead of us! 
 It started with lots of digging for the posts to go into the ground.  
There were 50 posts that each needed to be 2 feet in the ground!  Needless to say, we had sore arms for a few weeks from digging and pounding them in with a sledgehammer!
Marty's father, Marvin is very handy when it comes to woodworking and he build a beautiful curved frame on the ends of the house 
to attach the plastic.
When the day came to put on the plastic we were grateful for the help we received from some friends and family.  Since the plastic was not new it was more difficult to handle than putting on new.  We estimated that it weighed around 300 lbs. and lit took everything we all had to get it on the hoops.  We all were amazed at just how hard it was to move that plastic!  We could tug and pull our hardest and it seemed like it only moved inches, but somehow when it was all over and done, it seemed to fit like a glove!  Amazing! 
Marty wanted an early start for the Farmer's Market this year,
 so he tried his hand
 at planting some veggies in ground inside the greenhouse.  
We actualy had fresh tomatoes, peppers and red beets up until Christmas!
Janine says, "Let's Make A Little Pond" 

We begin landscaping.  Janine has a vision and begins
 to bull into this project. 
 It started out as just a little garden, but as you will see in the pictures, it got a little larger.
  A small pond was dug out by hand...which was a chore since we dediced to make it 5 feet deep which is recommended in case we ever get the urge to put some fish in there. 
 We devised a fountain, and an old watering can was converted into a waterfall-type feature.
  Later we purchased a log swing for seating and scrounged up some big rocks and put in a rock sidewalk to match what is around our home now. We also gathered rocks for weeks from our gardens to use as fill in the garden.  An old rusty potato digger was given to us by Marty's brother and it works great as a conversation piece in the garden.  We then needed to fence in the pond for safety reasons, so, split rail fencing was added
 with a smaller wire fence around the pond to keep it safe.  
Autumn came too fast this year!  Janine planted some bulbs to add spring color to the landscaping
 as she hopes the voles don't make them a winter meal!      
We need water & electricity!

In between the landscaping and tending to our other gardens, we needed to get all the utilities into the greenhouse, so we rented a ditch witch over Memorial Day weekend and dug up quite a mess!  We started behind the house to put in a water line to our gardens behind the house.  Why not?  As long as the place was getting torn up...let's go crazy, right!  
When we got a leaky fuel line, the service man arrived in a jiffy, (quite impressive for a holiday weekend!)  We were back up and running in no time!
We managed in 3 short days to dig and lay water and electric lines to the backyard garden, the back yard garden's water feature, the shed, the greenhouse and the pond
 by the greenhouse. Whew!  
It would still be weeks to fill them in & 
to get the lawn looking good again. 
 Glad that job is done!  

Greenhouse "GOES GREEN" with bio-diesel fueled furnace!

Heating a greenhouse of this size is more of an expense than we wanted, 
so we are doing our part to keep the earth "green" and save on our fuel bill
 at the same time by using homemade bio-diesel!
We found a good used furnace on the Internet and Hunter was eager to help haul it down to the greenhouse on his favorite wagon!  Marty had some challenges setting up this system...reading about the furance and learning about making the bio-diesel, but he worked out all the kinks and things were up and running!  He did stop to hitch up a temporary rope swing for the kids to play on!  Lots of fun in the middle of winter when it's too cold to be outside!

There is still lots to do...the flooring is now laid, but getting muddy from construction.
We begin building lots and lots of tables for the plants and start
 planning our inventory and studying seed catalogs...
all in hopes of opening in the spring of 2008...will it be possible?   
Colored Lights &
Marty will be seeing tables in his dreams!

Christmas time was nearing and Marty decided to put
 colored lights in the greenhouse for decoration...what a site to see!  
Then it was time to start building the new tables.
Marty kept busy for weeks building the tables for the greenhouse. 
We all helped the best we could with cutting the boards, but he was the "master carpenter".
 Tables, tables, tables!  I wonder if he will get them out of his mind!
We are so anxious to get other things going, but without the tables, 
you just can't do much in a greenhouse.  
So finally, after endless days and weeks, the tables are all completed!  

That's the story, 
(for now)...
and we're still growing!
More updates to come as they happen!  

Keep us in your favorites and stop back again!

Hope to see you this season!
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Welcome to the tour!
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Things are getting more colorful in here!
Well, after what seemed to be an eternity, we are finally seeing 
some beautiful & colorful plants blossoming in the greenhouse. 
 Tiny seeds have been planted & all the months of building 
are finally seeming all worth it, with each little sprout!
Things are getting more exciting now, even though we still have
work to be done on the actual greenhouse.  A check out counter and displays are still 
in the works and if it ever gets warmer out...a nicer parking area and drive way
are part of the plans.  Spring is taking it's good ole time this year, isn't it?
Our parking area and drive way 
had much to be desired 
when it came to getting into the greenhouse. 
 The mud situation we have been living with for the past few months is being resloved.  
We have been waiting for a nice day
 to finally work on this.
A  weed barrier with gravel on top should do the job.
Now there is some new grass to be planted 
along the edge and
 some finishing touches on where to spread 
out all the gravel.
(By the way...since I am taking all these pictures, you don't get to see me working.
Believe me, I am doing my fair's just that no one else stops to take 
the pictures except for me.  I moved plenty of gravel dirt and stones with my shovel that day, 
but I really love every minute of it!)
See you later, MUD!
Greenhouse front gets a new look!
Marty gets a helping hand from his Dad 
as they start adding 
the double doors and wooden front to the greenhouse.  
It's getting close to opening day, so we are hoping 
that the weather holds out so things can get done! 
 I on the other hand have been painting signs, doors, window trim & potting, potting and potting!
  We want to see a full greenhouse 
of flats and hanging baskets 
and all those little starter plants need to
be re-potted in flats and hanging baskets.  
It's something I love to do, and it's a good feeling to see the greenhouse coming to life
 with all different selections of 
flats and hanging baskets!
We can't wait to have you all come in and find something pretty for your home or Mother's Day!
Finishing touches!
We needed to fix up a parking area, so some more gravel was delivered
 and with some fancy tractor maneuvers by's shaping up!
We are now just days from our grand opening!  
We are anxious to welcome our customers!
Our first season was a wonderful experience!  We can't wait to do it all again!
A New Season in the works:
More tear down...oh no!
Opening Spring 2009!
July - Nov. 2008
Summer 2008:  During the busy Farmer's Market season...we needed to
tear down Herzing's 2nd greenhouse and begin construction
of our second greenhouse.  The ground needed prepared 
and we had some great friends and neighbors help out with that job. 
Then the poles needed to be pounded in and the arches assembled.
Water lines, electric & phone lines, etc... were extended from
 the first house to the second...
then the plastic...(that heavy and hard to move plastic...ugh), was finally draped over
the arches...secured with bolts and trim boards...and just in time....the first snowfall came on
Oct. 29 and never let up!  The construction of new tables for the plants, and
all the workings of the new greenhouse will begin now...(deja vu)...didn't we
spend last winter in the cold doing the same thing...ha ha!

Will it ever stop snowing?

Winter 2009
Jan. 2009 and still SNOW!  Expected now, but this has been going on since
October!  Marty managed to enclose the ends of the greenhouse from the elements, but now we will need to build the tables, and install all the utilities.  Then 
if we ever get a spring this will continue to finish the front and
work on a bigger parking area.  For now, (January) we are focusing on placing our
orders for seeds, soil, plant tags and potting materials, then, starting more plants
in the coming months. I also hope to offer many new craft items for sale with gardening themes, so I keep busy in the craft room when it's too cold to work outside.
  May 1st will come quickly now that we have lots to do!   

....(April 2009):  The plants are coming along nicely, but we are still
building!  UGH!   Don't's coming along...slow but steady.  
Let's just hope for some nice weather to finish all the construction.
...more updates coming soon!

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Click "Next" or "Back" buttons to view more photos with captions
Click "Next" or "Back" buttons to view more photos with captions
 The rush is on!

Spring 2009
Now that spring is here, the plants are looking great!
We are still in the process of building the storefront, as well as
transplanting, transplanting and transplanting! 
 The plug trays we started the plants in from seed now have to be emptied out and the plants transplanted to the packs, pots and hanging baskets
 that you the customer take home.
It is a very busy time of year and every waking moment seems to be
spent on the transplanting & watering....but this year it's more difficult,
 since we are still under construction too! 

 Our storefront has begun to spring up
and we are hopeful that it will be ready for our opening on May 1, but
it will be a close call.  Marty and his Dad are busy with the construction!
The rain and snow this winter and spring 
really put a so called "damper" on the construction, so we are
trying to make up time and get the job done....who needs sleep anyway?

It's all coming together

April 2009
Will we meet our deadline!

April 19th!  WHAT!!!  We open May 1...and on April 19th
the walls of the storefront are going up!
With help from family and friends, we had a good old fashioned
"barn raising" ceremony!  (Well, sort of).  
I always imagined building a barn someday and having a barn raising...
cooking a good home cooked meal for the hard working men with my apron
on to protect my long cotton dress...
Ooops...sorry!  I'm dreaming...We had a "storefront raising"...
I was wearing my sweats...with my Daughtry shirt...ha ha...
uh, I was too busy to cook, but we all enjoyed great take out
pizza and donuts!  Not exactly home cookin' but these guys worked
hard on that chow!  ha ha!
I want to extend sincere and heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE who
was a part of that day and all the days before and leading up to the
construction of our store.  We couldn't have done it without you and
we will be forever grateful!  A very very special THANK YOU is in store 
for Marty's parents for all the long hours they put in helping us this year
with the construction of the greenhouse and the transplanting of all those itty bitty
plants we started!  Marvin Riddle is not only the best father-in-law I could have 
ever imagined, but he is also a very gifted and talented builder!  You can throw any
project at him and he will come up with a plan & make your own ideas so much 
better & he can put it all together so effortlessly! 
 He works circles around people twice as young as him. He is truly a gem! 
Helen Riddle, is a caring & dedicated mother-in-law.  She put in countless hours 
helping us transplant so we could be ready on opening day.  She truly has a good heart and
the best work ethic of anyone I know!  Hats off to them both! We owe you so much!!!!
Just over a week before opening day, & still building!
I am a nervous wreak, but I have faith in all who are
part of this.  We couldn't work any harder or sleep any
less, so what's done is done, by May 1st...I've accepted that, but
low and behold...we are in the homestretch!
Another great friend, Russ, came over to help with the roofing.  
We are so blessed to have great friends like him.
He worked like a machine and got the roofing done enough to
keep us high and dry...and the shingles went on opening we weren't exactly "finished" but we had a store!
I stayed up on the eve of opening day sweeping sawdust and
decorating and creating a store!  I was up until 4am, but
it was nice to come back down at 8:30am to see it just about
finished!  I dragged myself to keep going that day, but
just knowing we were done with the biggest parts of this project
kept me going, along with the happy faces of the customers that day!

Our first few "open days" flew by with greeting
our customers, and inbetween finishing up little things like painting, wiring...and yes
TRANSPLANTING!  We have tons to choose from on opening day, but
we need just a few more days to complete the transplanting...luckily most
people aren't in a hurry to start their vegetable gardens yet. lol  We need things
to warm up around here first, but as of today, we are nearly done with that job...whew!!!!

April - May 2009
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Summer-Fall 2009
Summer just flew by...but it seemed like nothing but rain this year!
We began the porch to the storefront in Aug. and were delayed by
the rain...again!  Things finally came together and we now have our
porch and roof!  I am so grateful!  No more sawdust for awhile, (I hope).

We hope you can all come and see our new storefront...porch and all!  
It's been a busy season with all this construction.  I don't know how we did so much considering the weather this year, but we are satisfied with the progress, and more than
satisfied with the support of the community for this our second year.
We cannot wait for next season!   We've started planning already for it, so we hope
to see you again so that we can help you plan the garden you've been dreaming of!


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Just before opening May 2010...We've been getting things ready now for months....some plants are still small, but they grow fast! We still transplant daily to keep our selection growing. The grass outside isn't yet as green as it will be...spring is just beginning and we are excited to see all our wonderful customers once again!

Video of our greenhouse & gift shop Sept. 2010.
We're happy to have chain saw carvings by Adam Bauer available for sale this year! 
We also feature Riddle's Honey, and our own fresh homemade jams & jellies! 
We have everything you need to decorate for the fall season. Come in and see our hardy mums, pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales, Indian and broom corn, fall crafts, decor, seasonal produce and so much more!

March 2012:  Starting seeds and planting has been going on for weeks now.  We are excited for the greenhouse to open again this season.


We are growing (literally) so this year greenhouse #3 will
be open to the that's 3 big greenhouses to shop, outdoor displays to browse and lots of new stuff in
the gift shop! 


Early Spring 2012
Greenhouse # 3 will be open to our customers this year!
You'll have even more selection to choose from.
We finished the shelving and we are working on laying
drain pipes down.  A new gravel floor and walking path have been
added to this greenhouse to make it customer friendly!

You'll even be able to take a peek at a shadier greenhouse #4 which
is home to some of our chickens, ducks, quail and bunnies! 

We need more space!

August 2012
With less than a month before opening day for the fall season, the ADDITION on our
GIFT SHOP has begun.  Call us crazy, but I know we usually work best under!

Over the years, we have found that our "quaint" little gift shop and check out
area is just too darn small.  On busy days, there was hardly space
for people to set down their items on the counter, so we NEEDED to make a change.

We used rough cut lumber to match the original building, so every board had to be squared up or trimmed down before being measured cut and put in place....lots of extra work! 

Click away to see some pics of the transformation!

I must say that this was the hardest August I have ever known....the heat & humidity, the sawdust, cleaning 3 greenhouses & keeping up with trimming & watering plants & taking care of our house and kids...getting them ready for school to start....all while building...whew!
Marty was the brains of the construction, along with some design help from his
Dad, and I feel like I  became a carpenter, too.  I helped cut floor boards, nailed them in, notched out beams, cut and laid out walls, & even helped build our new checkout counter. 

We had awesome friends and family stop over a couple of times to help lift some of the
really heavy stuff & special thanks to Russ Carr for all his hard work and for shingling the roof.....again...(on opening day...ha ha....just like last time)! I got to decorate the gift shop by the light of the sun...with no roof, ha ha...then dust dust and more dust to clean
everytime a shingle was laid down.  Oh, well, didn't want to break tradition and it all worked out in the end...ha ha!

We still have much to do to finish off this project, but going from the old to the new has been quite an experience,for me, anyway. 

Here's the progress as of 9/4/12:

THE OLD GIFT SHOP 2009 - Aug.2012
Some parking issues will be addressed & some minor landscaping needs completed in the front. I miss all my landscaping out front, but that will come in time...again!  It's definately BIGGER inside!
We will have lots to do this winter to get things just the way we like, but for now...we are ready (enough) for fall...& the plants are beautiful! 

Decorating Gift Shop without the roof!  lol
I had to! Opening Day was 2 days away!!!
THE NEW GIFT SHOP Sept. 5, 2012
THE NEW PORCH Entrance Sept. 5, 2012
THE NEW PORCH Entrance Sept. 5, 2012
We apologize for the technical difficulties on this page.  We are working to restore the pics....our website provider has made changes that removed the element that provided these pics. Working on our plants will be restored when time allows.  Thank you